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1.4 billion visits per year is one of the top hotel search websites. This is mainly the reason why many travelers choose to search on our website whenever they are searching for a hotel.

Success is in your hands

You can decide that how much of your business should be generated through Top ranked and registered hotels have the benefit of generating 35% of their bookings through


Unique hotel profiles rank higher

A unique profile has a higher chance of appearing more in search results. If your profile has more information, descriptions and images, then we at can promote your page or profile to the right visitors.


Start with the details

It’s always better to provide specific information about Hotels because then it becomes easy for to promote your Hotel to the visitors. Content such as contact details, clear and attractive images, facilities, services and appealing descriptions will make your profile attractive for promotion to visitors.


Highlight your strengths

Based on your numerical score on, reputation is the main factor for travelers as they choose a hotel based on this factor. The Rating Index shows a Hotel’s score based on the compiled reviews available online. Satisfied guests are encouraged to leave their reviews on different websites and that’s how a Hotel’s score increases.


Show your website rates

If Hotel rates are attractive, it will surely stand out and attract travelers. If Hotels provide their website rates on profile, direct bookings can be redirected to them.


Get more control over your hotel and your competitors today. 
Hotel websites can enjoy reading exclusive news about their Hotel and avail the advantage of increased promotion. They can even see who is searching for their Hotel and find ways to reach them directly. Through this, they can find ways to make themselves stand out amongst their competitors. Hotels can reach to their guests and encourage them to book directly from the Hotel website.

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