Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Information may be collected using Privacy when a user uses our services on, mobile applications or mobile sites. The information that is collected is solely for the purpose of providing the user with a personalized experience so that we can work on improving our products. We do not sell the information that we gather and neither do we disclose this data to third parties.

What are Privacy?

Privacy are basically small files of letters and numbers that are saved in a browser when visiting a website. When the user returns to the website, the browser sends these Privacy files to the website, that allows personalized content to the user.

How does use Privacy? uses session Privacy for the time length a user visited the website and persistent Privacy are used when a user visits the website repeatedly for two functions:

  • To provide the user with personalized experience
  • For diagnostic purposes

Providing you with a personalized experience

These important Privacy allow us at,, to distinguish each user from the other, and allows each user to interact with the different features available on our website. Here are some features that rely on Privacy:

  • Remembering every user’s language and country settings
  • Selection of favorite hotels
  • Saving a history list where users can view their previously searched hotels
  • Using the hotel comparison feature on the website to compare hotels
  • Logging on to the Content Community
  • Receiving suggestions for hotels and destinations that might interest the user. Also, providing personalized hotel suggestions in the form of advertisements when a user visits other websites.

It is not possible for these features to function without Privacy.


Use for analytical purposes

With the use of analytical Privacy, we can track links anonymously so that we can improve our website. The information gathered through these Privacy is to generate aggregated and anonymous statistics; these statistics are used to identify successful and problematic areas of our website. To provide you with an enhanced experience while using the website, it’s important for us to use these Privacy.

How do I manage my Privacy preferences?

If a user decides not to save Privacy in their browser, then some features of the website will not be available to them. However, they will be able to make hotel searches.

To prevent the Privacy from being saved to the web browser, users can change their browser settings and also opt to receive notifications when Privacy are being used by the webpage. Previously stored Privacy can be deleted from the browser. The settings for Privacy are different for each browser therefore refer to the “Help Section” of your browser to help you with the settings.

Consent to the use of Privacy:

If Privacy are essential to use our website, then session Privacy will not ask for the user’s consent. These session Privacy are expired once the user leaves the homepage. Third party and persistent Privacy require the user’s consent to keep a track on the user’s choices and preferences.

More information about Privacy

First party Privacy

These Privacy are set by the website, a user is visiting. Please note, that these Privacy can be read only by that website.

Third party Privacy

These Privacy are set by a group not owned by the site a user is visiting. These Privacy are set by analytics or specialist marketing groups.



Session Privacy

These are temporary Privacy that are saved in a user’s browser until the time they close their browser. Once the browser is closed, these Privacy are cleared.

Persistent Privacy

Persistent Privacy are generally used for visitors who keep visiting the website. These Privacy are saved in the user’s browser for a period of time – usually one year or so. When the browser is closed, these Privacy do not clear themselves from the browser as they are used to recall the user’s preferences every time they visited the website.

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