Terms & Conditions

Terms of Service

Traveloroom.com provides users with access to search for hotels and information about accommodation for travel purposes.

1. Scope of Service

1.1. Terms and conditions are subject to change on a frequent basis and is applicable to all services provided by third parties through the internet, on email, mobile devices or telephone.

1.2. users confirm that they have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions, privacy policy and use of cookies once they use our website.

2. Services and Contract

2.1. On Traveloroom.com website, you can compare any third-party service via Traveloroom.com system.

2.2. Users can make a booking through a direct connection to the hotel booking sites (applicable on selected hotels).

In this case, the booking will be made on the hotel booking site and not on Traveloroom.com website. Therefore Traveloroom.com will not be considered as the contractual party or the operator for the user but will only be considered as a technical agent.

Once a booking is made on the third party website, users have to agree to the terms and conditions of the booking site. These can be viewed on the third party website.

After a booking is made on the third-party website, a contract is formed between the user and the third party and Traveloroom.com is not involved in this contract.

Traveloroom.com is not considered as a contractual party to the hotel being booked therefore any claim that are under hotel reservation are to be acclaimed against the booking website (third-party) not Traveloroom.com.

2.3. Traveloroom.com agreement is not affected by other agreements between users and the hotel.


3. Traveloroom.com Community and Member Area

3.1. Users can join the Traveloroom.com Community by creating a member account through the Traveloroom.com Member Area. Registered users can publish their own content and can even participate actively in the platform’s development. Unregistered users have the option to read the content that has been published by registered users, for free.

3.2. by using the Traveloroom.com Member Area, users can administer and save their searches. Personal information is required to create a member account. Except the name, no personal information is visible on the website. Please read the privacy policy for further details. If a user chooses to delete his/her account, all data will be removed permanently.

3.3. one user can register only once. It is the responsibility of the user to provide accurate and complete information at the time of registration.

3.4. all member accounts are confidential therefore users need to maintain their confidentiality by securing their accounts with a password. Users are in complete control of their accounts and they are responsible for using their accounts with Traveloroom.com and third parties.

3.5. in the case of an unauthorized use of Traveloroom.com services, users must notify Traveloroom.com immediately.

4. Privacy, Email Advertisements

4.1. personal data protection is the highest priority for Traveloroom.com. Please go through our privacy policy for more information.

4.2. Traveloroom.com first processes and then uses users’ personal data after obtaining permission from the user.

4.3. Traveloroom.com will only use and process data that is necessary for the running of services rendered by Traveloroom.com, for operational use of apps/websites and other offered services. For “Traveloroom.com Express Booking”, the user willingly agrees to process his/her credit card details so that it may be used for completing the hotel reservation process.

4.4. if a user agrees to receive news and information about Traveloroom.com at the time of registration, then the user will be sent product information through email. Users may revoke their consent any time through email.

5. User Obligations

5.1. it is the complete responsibility of the user for what data (photos, reviews, text, links) they allow Traveloroom.com to use. They must ensure that the content they publish on Traveloroom.com platform, they have the rights and they do not violate those rights. 

5.2. the user agrees not to use Traveloroom.com platform to generate content that:

  • Advertises any product or service.
  • Is false
  • Immoral or offensive in any other way
  • Infringes on copyrights of third parties
  • Violates any law that would lead to criminal offense
  • Contains viruses that may damage the hardware or software
  • Is a chain letter or a survey
  • Is collecting or even using other users’ personal data for commercial purposes

5.3. the user also agrees not to use functions or programs that automatically generate impressions on Traveloroom.com.

5.4. if there is any breach in the terms and condition, Traveloroom.com reserves the right to immediately remove the content without reasoning, to refuse payments earned through Traveloroom.com Community and can even ban members permanently. Prosecution of criminal acts will remain unaffected.

6. Termination

6.1. Traveloroom.com can dismiss a user’s entry and even delete their registration after receiving relevant information through email about inappropriate use of website within one week. They user can also terminate their accounts during this time period.

The right to immediate termination for good cause remains unaffected.



7. Liability

7.1. Traveloroom.com is not accountable for the quality, accuracy, credibility or reliability of the content and information provided by the users/ booking sites. Traveloroom.com does not provide information or advice regarding accommodation selection.

7.2. these agreements are between the user and Traveloroom.com. Traveloroom.com does not play the role of a travel agency and is not a part of the contract that is formed between the user and the third-party sites therefore Traveloroom.com cannot be held accountable for any misguided content.

7.3. Traveloroom.com does not authenticate the accuracy of information and content uploaded by the booking sites or Community members. The information provided by booking sites and Community members is with reference to a respective hotel and Traveloroom.com has no influence on this content or information. Traveloroom.com does not claim this information or content as its own.

7.4. In particular, advertising banners, hyperlinks, accommodations information, travel providers or destinations and similar information is provided by Community members and booking sites therefore or providers has no recommendations in this regard. Hotel prices uploaded on are done in real time unless there is a technical reason. Therefore, there is a possibility that the prices uploaded on Traveloroom.com do not correspond to the prices on the booking sites. Traveloroom.com does not and cannot guarantee the accuracy in information on availability and prices of hotels.

7.5. Traveloroom.com is not responsible for technical issues that cause damages not within the sphere of Traveloroom.com. Also, Traveloroom.com does not guarantee or assure uninterrupted data availability. Traveloroom.com may perform maintenance at any time as per the need arises.

8. Changes to the Terms and Conditions

When using Traveloroom.com, the current terms and conditions will apply. Registered users will receive notifications about any changes in terms and conditions through email. Users may even download and print the terms and conditions.



9. Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction

The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany apply. For individuals or business persons who do not have general jurisdiction in Germany, Düsseldorf applies as the place of jurisdiction. Otherwise the legal jurisdiction applies.

The German translation takes precedence.


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